Each Membership Includes:

The Guide

The Birth Experience Guide is a 35 page document packed full of information and images covering topics such as scheduling, pricing, technical aspects, client communication, lighting, equipment, the birth support team, special considerations, emergency situations, the big moment, the baby,  my detailed workflow, presentation, marketing ideas & more!

The Forum

Membership includes continued learning in the form of full access to The Birth Experience Forum.  The forum provides access for you to ask me any questions you have.  The forum is also a great place to learn and share with other members about the challenges and triumphs of birth photography.

The Directory

All active members are listed on The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) at birthphotographers.com with a featured listing as a part of this membership.  Most moms looking for a birth photographer either find one through a friend or relative who had a good experience with their own birth photographer, or they turn to Google.  I have received countless emails from expectant mothers through the years looking for recommendations for a birth photographer in their area.  By being listed on birthphotographers.com with a featured listing you will stand out in the crowd, gain visibility and name recognition while increasing your Google SEO.

Bonus:  Birth Photography Contract

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